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Chris REA Deltics

Chris REA. MAGNET RECORDS 713014. Titres : - Twisted wheel - The things lovers should do - Dance ! (Don't think) - Raincoat and a rose - Cenotaph / Letter from Amsterdam - Deltics - Diamonds - She gave it away - Don't want your best friend - No qualifications - Seabird. POCHETTE ET DISQUE EN BON ÉTAT.

Chris REA Tennis

Chris REA. MAGNET RECORDS 713015. Titres : - Tennis - Sweet kiss - Since I don't see you anymore - Dancing girls - No work today - Every time I see you smile - For ever and ever - Good news - Friends across the water - Distant summers - Only with you - Stick it. POCHETTE ET DISQUE EN BON ÉTAT.

Chris REA Water sign

Chris REA. MAGNET RECORDS 713006. Titres : - Nothing's happening by the sea - Deep water - Candles - Love's strange ways - Texas - Let it loose - I can hear your heart beat - Midnight blue - Hey you - Out of the darkness. POCHETTE ET DISQUE EN BON ÉTAT.
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